On April 13 I successfully defended my dissertation entitled “Sympathy for the Devil - On the Neural Mechanisms of Threat and Distress Reactivity”.

You can find a digital copy here. If you want to receive a physical copy, please contact me. A very short Dutch summary of the research can be read here. Please check the media page for press coverage.

The cover illustration is made by the amazing Ronald Huiskes, check his work at www.ronaldhuiskes.nl.

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The cover

by Ronald Huiskes

Being proud among peers  Picture by Frans van Aarle Fotografie

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Last update: August 20 2017

*The Bangor Social Robotics Workshop on the Emerging Social Neuroscience of Human-Robot Interaction that Emily Cross and I organized took place on the 17th and 18th of August!  A short summary can be found here.

*Two cultures merge! We received a ESRC Impact Acceleration Award for an artist-in-residency. Artist Merel Bekking will collaborate with Emily Cross and me on an art installation involving robots! More info soon!

*A very first preprint! Felix Hekele, Emily Cross and I wrote a review on the perception and reaction to emotions expressed by artificial agents. Read it at PsychArXiv

*My research on the bystander effect was features in an article in Psychologie Magazine.