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Last update: Jan 15 2018

*Join us for a workshop on “Cognitive and Social Neuroscience Methods for HRI” at the 13th Annual ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human Robot Interaction held in Chicago (USA) on March 5 2018. Call for papers is now open, check the flyer or the website for more information!

*A popularity contest in the robotic petting zoo! Together with artist-in-residency Merel Bekking, we created an interactive public art performance. In this robotic petting zoo, a small group of vacuuming robots, all with unique characters, competed in a popularity contest. So much fun! Please check this page, the website or this BBC piece for more information.

*Very proud on a forthcoming publication in Current Directions in Psychological Science. Together, with Beatrice de Gelder I propose a new theoretical perspective on bystander apathy that integrates emotional, motivational and dispositional aspects.

*An accepted article in Scientific Reports reports on a project that uses immersive virtual reality to induce a full body ownership illusion that allows offenders to become the victim of domestic abuse. More information on this amazing project I was involved in soon!

*Even more publications, read on the perception of emotions expressed by artificial agents (PsychArXiv pre-print) or humans (article in press in SCAN), or read on how we attribute socialness to artificial agents (PsychArXiv pre-print)!