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Last update: March 21 2017

*Join us and the robots for a workshop on the Emerging Social Neuroscience of Human-Robot Interaction in Bangor this August. It is organized by Emily Cross and yours truly and will feature an amazing and truly diverse line-up of speakers. Registration and abstract submission is now open!

*New article accepted in eNeuro. In this study we describe the impact of basolateral amygdalae damage on the frontotemporal network during threat perception.

*New review article with long-time collaborators Nick Kelley, Dennis Schutter and Eddie Harmon-Jones on manipulation of frontal asymmetry.

*Sofía Seinfeld and I organized a symposium entitled ‘Real Worlds for Virtual Humans: Changing Perspectives’ at ICPS 2017. It will include talks by Antonia Hamilton, Giorgia Silani, Sofía and yours truly, and with Beatrice de Gelder as a discussant.